Have you ever known something was going to happen before it did or hear a little voice telling you that you should do something and you didn't do it, only to find out later that if you had listened, things would've gone much more smoothly?

We all have extra sensory abilities. They are even mentioned in the bible when it refers to the "gift of prophecy". They have often been referred to as a sixth sense, which is just what they are!

Many of us have been taught to suppress, deny or hide these abilities for various reasons. The result of doing that is that we deny ourselves access to a very important way of obtaining information that we can use to make our own lives better and possibly improve the lives of others as well.

In this three session class, we will explore sixth sense abilities and determine the ways in which you are already receiving intuitive/psychic impressions.  We'll define, discuss and experiment with additional ways we can receive our information, we'll delve into physical vs spiritual realm experiences, and we'll have a fun time working together to help each other learn to trust our gifts.


As a Bonus, you will receive six crystals, two per class, to assist you in harnessing and growing your abilities.

As an additional, Very Special Bonus, I will be gifting my Crystal Frequency Attunement to all attendees during this course. The Crystal Frequency Attunement connects us more with our Higher Selves. There have been incredible testimonials from participants who have received this attunement, including feeling a stronger psychic connection with a twin flame, a reunion of family members after more than a decade of disassociation, and receiving insight into something that someone had never understood about a deceased family member which helped foster forgiveness and acceptance, and more. I'm very excited to offer this as my gift to your continuing advancement in consciousness



10:00 am - 2:00 pm

on the following Saturdays:

11/2, 11/9, 11/16






Michelle Falcone

Michelle is trained in various modalities and effortlessly blends them to create a unique experience for each client.

The Heart-centered experience includes influences from Access Consciousness, different types of Reiki, crystal healing, intuition, Crystal Frequency Attunement®

She empowers her clients to step into their own power and express it to the world in ways that empower those around them to step into more possibility.

She believes that people bring their own healing with them and she creates and holds the space to allow the client to step into their own power.

Michelle offers various events both at the center and in the surrounding cities focused on women empowerment, healing, and connecting to the source.

Want to know more about Michelle?

Visit Michelle's page here.

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