Body Processes®

What are the Access Body Processes?

Access Consciousness® is a set of tools and processes that make it possible to change any aspect of your life. Access Consciousness® body processes are a hands-on energy healing technique that changes the way we understand and connect with our bodies.


The body processes make it possible to change anything about your body by changing the way you relate to your body. These simple, direct, and painless techniques allow you to change everything you thought was true about you, even the things you never thought you could change.


Eliminate pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and disability, even the judgements you hold against your body that create how you see your body. Nothing is off limits and nothing is impossible to change. As your understanding and your relationship to your body change, everything changes.

What's a Session Like?

During your session, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table.  While the energy is running, you may feel a tingling sensation or a deep sense of relaxation.  Your practitioner may run clearing statements to help you release limitations and judgements and facilitate change.

Our Body Process Practitioners

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