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Dr. Adriana Krywiak DPM, CFMD, QBT

Dr. Adriana Krywiak is a foot and ankle specialist and is a native of Ohio. She began her medical journey earning a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-med/biology at Notre Dame College of Ohio. Dr. Krywiak graduated from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and received surgical and non-surgical residency training at St. Vincent Charity Hospital's 3 year program started by the late Dr. Yu. Her training extends to include wound care. Extensive surgical training was conducted at more than 10 hospitals and surgical centers in downtown Cleveland, Akron and surrounding area. She joined Premier Physicians in 2010. She has of recent, departed from her medical group to begin her deeper therapies and opened her own practice, Integrative Health Management.


Dr. Krywiak's passion has always been assisting people for life betterment. She has always had 


  • Functional Medicine

  • Quantum Biofeedback Therapy

  • Stress & Energy Management

  • Bodyguard Detox Foot Bath

  • PinPointe FootLaser

interest in a Mind, Body, Spirit approach and has now integrated this into her practice. She has been on a long mission with noticing how stress affects the body. After study with many mentors, which she still continues, she has learned and been certified in techniques, approaches and higher level teachings, that help clear the stress and change energetics in the body.

She became certified in Functional Medicine through Functional Medicine University in 2015, addressing the root causes of diseases. She is also certified In Energy Mastery from Energetic Solutions Inc, and body, auric clearings through Illumination Academy, which further allows her to address the stress of the body, past traumas and emotions of clients to dramatically improve well being and life force energy. She also has recently been certified in Eductor/Indigo Biofeedback Therapy to train and assist the body in healing itself of many systemic conditions, allergies, chronic pain, stress, emotions and trauma as well as homepathic therapies from White Dove Global, Inc.

Integrative Health Management

We are here to help raise our clients to a better state of being and health. Illness, stress, anxiety and negativity have increased with our changing times. Many illnesses, body and health conditions, are caused by emotions of discord in the soul and many life traumas and stress can get stored in our organ systems. This can lead to illness, organ dysfunction and isolated pain in areas of the body. Our body parts are all connected and work as a whole. We seek to provide multidimensional approaches and techniques to assists the whole body in healing from pain, stress etc to a better state of being and thinking, with limited medication use if possible.

We take each patient individually and help assist him or her to change mindset and use natural supplements to heal as a whole. When perception and mindset change, all the circumstances in a person's life change. Everything is energy and with the right energy all can heal.

With the techniques and clearings we use one can experience improvement of health, mentally clarity, life quality, decrease anxiety, assist medication and supplements to work better and decrease use of medication.

We will help you turn on the keys in you that will bring you to the best and healthiest highest whole... that you already are!!

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