The Empath and the Narcissist is a four-hour workshop that offers a deep dive into what may appear to be the most annoying, emotionally draining, and even dangerous relationship trap. For many Empaths, the experience of attracting and choosing the narcissist in relationship seems like an unavoidable fact of life. During this workshop we will discuss the reasons we seem to always make the same choices and we will discover processes and techniques that will allow the Empath to free themselves from this cycle of destructive relationships permanently.

Once the true nature of this relationship is understood participants will be able to identify and completely avoid this insidious trap and successfully disconnect from any current relationships that are narcissistic or destructive in any way. Our empathic sensitivity is actually the key to choosing and creating relationships that are a contribution to all parties.

After completing this workshop participants will be able to
•    Avoid all narcissistic relationships
•    Disconnect any and all narcissistic relationships that currently exist in their lives
•    Identify the energies of narcissist individuals
•    Become the author of their own experiences and relationships


The Empath has both the ability and potency to be at cause in their lives, instead of at the effect of everything in their environment. Choose to have life flow through you rather than happen to you!

How free do you choose to Be?




Rian Dean

Rian is a gifted empathic healer, coach, and intuitive reader.  

He is an empath who has learned how to embrace his gift to enhance his life.  He is excited to share these tools with other people.

Want to know more about Rian?

Visit Rian's Empathic Healings site here.

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