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Mary is a healer and medical intuitive who is expanding and pushing beyond her formal medical training as a Registered Nurse.  It wasn’t until after she started doing energy work that she realized she had been tapping into some medical intuition while working as an RN on an ICU stepdown unit.  Mary desires to bring what skills she has forward into the world to help you heal yourself.  

Mary taps into source energy and earth energy to create a healing vortex which she uses to communicate with your body to receive and activate and whatever energies or messages your body requires.


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Artwork by Mary

If you've been to the HHH Center, you may have noticed our beautiful art wall.  All pieces are the work of Mary Ford and are for sale.  Click below to see more of her work.

Mary's Science Time Corner to help you understand you!

What exactly is the lymphatic system and why is it so important?!

The lymphatic system has three main jobs:
     1) Fluid balance in tissues
     2) Absorbs fats from the digestive tract  
          ( specifically in the small intestine)
     3) Defense against microorganisms and other
          harmful substances

That's A LOT more than just immune defense!

The Lymphatic System can be likened to your own personal housekeeping system.
It keeps your blood, interstitial fluid (thin layer of fluid surrounding every cell - Like WD 40 on gears), and lymph clean.

So what is Lymph?

Lymph is composed of two main components.
     1) Plasma - gasses, ions, nutrients
     2) Parts of cells - hormones, enzymes, waste
            parts of cells


Why is any of this important?

Because these are all parts that are found in the bloodstream. Blood consists of 55% plasma.

Lymph is basically blood that is part of the 3L of fluid that is circumvented from the bloodstream to be put through the process of being "recycled"/ filtered/cleaned to be recirculated back into the blood stream.
This also means that lymph ends up being circulated and getting the tour throughout your entire body.

Without this system in place the pH of your body would go helter skelter with the extra sewage hanging around in the bloodstream. Systems would shut down with no quick easy way to bypass the "trash in the river" to get the needed nutrients/ hormones/ enzymes/ cells/ etc to where they need to go.
Not to mention the excess fluid would cause swelling (edema) causing tissue damage and eventual death. Again, that's only if we did not have a lymphatic system. (Thank goodness our body is ultra Coolio and knows better!)


So who is this energy healing good for?

It's good for everyone is the short easy answer. But if you're looking for specifics, people who have extra swelling going on anywhere in the body, congestive heart failure, any issues with lymphedema, breast cancer and other cancers, COPD, sinus and ear congestion, anyone wanting an immune boost, & the list goes on.

It pairs extremely well with other healing modalities such as mtvss, cellular memory, and tri-fold sequencing systems. All of which can be included and used in your unique healing that your own body has written as a custom blueprint for you. It just has to be read.

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* Mary is not a physician and cannot treat or diagnose any illnesses.

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