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Experience a synergistic soulful blend of two ancient and complementary practices. Together they assist in cultivating new levels of deep peace. Explore their union in a safe and comfortable setting.

Movement will prepare the body for stillness and facilitate desired meditative awareness.  

Meditation allows greater access to the inner world which in turn makes living in the outer world much more enjoyable.  Meditation moderates the effects of stress by improving coping skills and bringing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into greater balance.

This series is especially good for those that have tried meditation alone and found it difficult to rest in stillness.

Each session will be formed from a broad selection of yogic breathing techniques and movements, guided meditations, mantra, sound, mindfulness exercises and hypnotic techniques all designed to create serene meditative states.

All levels welcome!  Bring a yoga mat, blanket and several cushions.  A water bottle and eye mask are optional. Chairs are available for the entirety if the floor is not an option.  

Exciting News!  We are now offering this class online as well as in person.  If you choose to take it online, a link will be sent to you 15 minutes prior to the start of class.  Please register in advance.


From Recent Reviews

Excellent . . . Liked it all . . . Improved energy and self-awareness . . . 

The calmness . . . Learning different techniques . . . Letting go of negativity . . . Coping skills to survive . . . Stilling the mind . . . Put me on the path of healing . . . All good stuff . . . Informative.



8:15 am - 9:30 am

Starting March 8th



$16 per class



Hypnotherapist, musician, meditation and yoga instructor, Paul DiFranco, with decades of instructional proficiency, creates fun, accessible, practical and well-received experiences.  

Click here for a free sample of Paul's work in this field.

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