Sean Phillips

Access Bars Facilitator, Access Bars Practitioner, Access Body Practitioner, CFMW

By day, you'll find me geeking out with data, creating dashboards that my organization can use to increase productivity & profitability. After hours though you'll find me traveling across North America learning tools to help increase consciousness around the world. You'll often find me smiling and sharing my infectious nature with everyone I meet. I currently hold the following certificates:

  • Access Bars Practitioner

  • Access Bars Facilitator

  • Access Facelift Practitioner

  • Access Body Process Practitioner

  • Certifiable F***ing Miracle Worker (CFMW)


Phone: (440) 465-0508


Access Consciousness


The Bars are 32-points on the head that store electromagnetic energies within or brain. When touched, an energetic-bridge between the two points forms and allows for that electromagnetic energy to be released from the body. The result. Well it can vary, most reports though are:

  • Relaxation

  • Feeling of Peace

  • Less “head noise”

  • Better sleep

  • Less stress at work

  • More “space”

  • Improvement in Relationship

  • More Energy

  • More Money Flows

  • And More!

**  With all sessions if there is no one scheduled directly behind you, we may run the Bars slightly longer if that is what is required. There is no additional charge for this, it’s my gift to your being.

Access Consciousness

Body Processes®

The Body processes are wonderful, tasty energies that are run directly on the Body. These 60 some processes are designed to unlock all the pent-up and stuck energies in the body.  Some favorite processes are:


A full body process that is run on the joints throughout the body. It’s about sloughing (“sluffing”) out all the energetic gunk from the body. This is a fun one that most have taken more than once!

Trifold Sequencing Systems

Particularly good for people struggling with PTSD, trauma or distress. Running this allows the body and being to break-out of the “loop” that they’re stuck in and allow for the creation of a different possibility beyond that fixed point. Can be combined with Access Bars®

Point of Creation

This one can unlock and uncreate the trauma of an event that left a physical scar on the body.

Biometric & Biomimetic Mimicry

The body has this great capacity to duplicate the behaviors of people around us (ever notice how when 2 people start hanging out, they start to look and act similar?…That’s biomimetic mimicry) let go  of all of the places you’ve duplicated other people’s pain & suffering and  so your body can be more of itself! Sean really likes this one

Access Consciousness

Energetic Facelift®

The face has so such variety of vibrant energies. What would it be like to lift-up those energies to look and feel great!


Typical feedback is:

  • Looking younger

  • Looking more energetic

  • Looking more like you!

  • Having more energy

  • Being happier with your body

  • Being at ease with your body

  • Feeling more vibrant


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