Join author and Shaman don Zane Curfman for an experience of a life time. Delve deep into the mystery of shamanism over 7 intensive weekends filled with journey work, healing, ceremony and more.

The Katari apprenticeship program was created by, don Zane Curfman,  and is a cross-cultural shamanic tradition heavily based on the Paqo kuna traditions of the Peruvian Andes. This program was created for those who feel the call to heal and is a series of weekend retreats, designed to give you all the tools you will need to practice and create your own unique medicine way.

Awaken the spiritual power within and become a person with the character and ability to offer something meaningful to our fellow creatures and the beloved Earth Mother. Through Earth-honoring ceremonies, initiations, and ancient wisdom teachings, we acquire the energy and understanding needed to pass beyond the veils of normal consciousness, into the realms of trans-personal awareness. As we develop our ability to sense the dynamics of living energy, we learn to transform these energies for individual or group growth. Leading to the ability to navigate and harmonize the unorganized energies of life, redirecting them toward our dreams, gifts, and talents.

The ascension of mankind is intricately interwoven with our interactions with the spiritual and natural worlds. Initiates are taught to harmonize the human energy field with the five elements and forces of nature, leading to a high state of personal energy, happiness, and connection to life.-building a body of spiritual nectar expressing itself through the trans-formative power of our Divine Presence.


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Hank Setala

Hank has been serving the community as a healer and teacher since 2008 when HHH was originally founded.

As a natural intuitive since childbirth, his unique insights allow him to cater to the needs of each client in a unique way.

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