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Join Hank Setala the Sonic Shaman for this deep dive into sound healing.

The course includes a workbook that goes over dozens of different tuning fork sets for your reference after the class. During the class students also have access to try out and experience HUNDREDS of different tuning forks.

Discover what each set's strengths are, but also how to use any fork for anything. Sound healing has never been so easy!

Though the course will focus around tuning forks, a general overview of using crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, gongs, and other sound healing tools will also be addressed.

Students will leave this course confident in utilizing anything that can make a sound

Students are encouraged to bring their sound healing tools with them as the techniques taught in the class can be applied to virtually anything that makes a sound.

Forks will be available during the class for personal use. You can also pre-order any sets you would personally like to have at www.HolisticHealthandHealing.store

Want to know more?

Visit Hank's Sonic Shaman site here.



Saturday, April 6th

9:00 am - 6:00 pm



Hank Setala

Hank has been serving the community as a healer and teacher since 2008 when HHH was originally founded.

As a natural intuitive since childbirth, his unique insights allow him to cater to the needs of each client in a unique way.

Want to know more about Hank?

Visit Hank's site here.

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