Experience the feeling of being held in sound.

Join Leela Willow for this special Sound Bath with Hatha yoga taught by Matthew Biggins.

This practice will be a grounding centering experience. We will begin with salutes to the sun followed by a vinyasa sequence flowing into moon salutations. We then will move to the ground to practice some traditional Hatha Asanas and Pranayama practices leading to extended Savasana and Soundbath. All levels are welcomed to this practice as it will be centered around foundational postures with intermediate/advanced variations offered.      

During the yoga class you will be embraced by live sound healing music. As we enter Sivasana we enter the sound bath. A Sound Bath is the meditative experience of being held and caressed by sound. We create this through the blending of Crystal Singing Bowls, Native American Flute, Rainstick & Vocalizations. It has been well documented that specific sound frequencies can be used to assist in healing a particular dis-ease and/or emotional state of being.

Sound is Energy & Vibration. These Vibrations will allow you to enter into an altered state of consciousness & brainwave function, through which you may experience personal insights, spontaneous healing, & exciting adventures. Perhaps you may experience something completely different. Physical injuries can be healed. Old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed.

What should you bring?
-Yoga mat
-Comfortable clothing

Space is limited, please purchase your ticket in advance.   Blessings




Leela Willow of Sonic Alchemy

"I hold space for others to heal and grow by being a sacred neutral witness and advisor to their story. I accept that all life paths have personal merit and strive to help my clients along their own journey."

Leela has been offering shamanic services since 2012. Her strongest accomplishment is assisting clients to perceive the unseen energies around them, deriving realizations from their own subconscious, and inspiring them to co-create solutions to their problems.”

Leela has experience with sound healing, paranormal work and channeling. Leela has employed distance Reiki, shamanic energy healing, as well as intuitive dream work and analysis in private
sessions with clients, while utilizing clairsentience to clear and realign her client’s auric field. She is actively learning and cultivating this skill to become a fully embodied Seeer.

Want to know more about Leela & Sonic Alchemy?

Visit her website here.

Matthew Biggins

"I have been practicing yoga since the age of 16 and every time I get on the mat I learn more about the practice as well as myself. I completed my 200hr YTT in 2015 and have been teaching group and private lessons to the people who are called to learn from me. When I teach I use my intuition and empathic nature to tune into my students and deliver a unique practice. My flow is a mixture of many different styles and open to all. My current life mantra: Practice and all is coming!"

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